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As a company exclusively focused on Tanzania, we take pride in being one of the largest tourism suppliers in the country. Traveling with Tanzania Safari House, you can expect transparent pricing with no middlemen or hidden fees, the expertise of the finest Kilimanjaro guides and safari drivers in the region, and an unwavering dedication to personalized customer service, acknowledged by a great number of 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor.

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Operation Office Address:

Arusha Tanzania


Phone: +255 717 120 809

Operation Office Address:

Toronto, Canada


Phone: +1 506 799 2853

Operation Office Address:

Boston USA


Phone: +1(424) 465-3760

Operation Office Address:



Phone: +144 7451270217

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One Sustainable Adventure at a Time!

We believe in creating better travel experiences – ones that not only satisfy your wanderlust but also make a positive impact. Our journeys empower local communities, combat over-tourism, and preserves Tanzania’s wildest places. Snatch your ticket to Tanzanian marvels, where each safari is a masterpiece that colours your spirit and contributes to a better world – Unite with us in the movement to ensure inclusivity for all.

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Our commitment to exceptional stays goes hand in hand with cultivating strategic partnerships. We take pride in collaborating with a select network of accommodation providers, certifying that our travelers experience comfort, uniqueness, and excellence.